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  • RULES TALK – Strike Sums: A Breakdown of Attack Types

    22nd Jul 2022 by

    I feel sick. I have debased myself and done the unthinkable. I have… *gulp*… done some maths… Whilst out at work last week I found myself pondering attack types. Namely such questions as what is the most/least prevalent attack type in the game, and how are the three attack types spread out across the many… Read more


    29th Jun 2022 by

    If only we had the gift of foresight and could have seen marvel this coming! I’m a sucker for all things Asgardian, so to have Heimdall, Executioner and that glorious Malekith model on the horizon is most wondrous indeed. Let’s get into Heimdall’s stats and see what he brings us. STAMINA – A highly respectable… Read more

  • ULTIMATE ENCOUNTER: Unstoppable Colossus

    25th Jun 2022 by

    Colossus has touched the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak and attained powers comparable to the juggernaut! He has lost control and is rampaging through the city, destroying all in his path. The faster he gets the more aggressive he becomes – it’s down to you to slow him down and bring him under control. It’s been… Read more

  • THEME TEAM: Raining Blood

    15th Mar 2022 by

    In the “Theme Team” series of articles this competitive-phobic player will do the unthinkable and (shock, horror) create a roster. Not just any roster though, each new roster will be based on a specific theme. Will the rosters be thematic? Heck yes. Will they be playable? Yep. Will they leave your opponent weeping on the… Read more

  • Back From the Dark Dimension

    12th Mar 2022 by

    This post contains absolutely no information of value or worth to anyone seeking game tips. If you want to read about characters or game tactics then this one isn’t for you i’m afraid. If, however, you wish to know why nothing has been posted on this blog in nearly a year then stick with me… Read more

  • CHARACTER SUMMARY: SHE-HULK (Jennifer Walters)

    15th May 2021 by

    What a mini! And what escalation – we started with a steel beam and moved up through dumpsters to cars and bigger terrain – the modding was real! But is She-Hulk’s rules text as good as the mini itself, or do her abilities fall flat? Let’s see! STAMINA – As one would expect from a… Read more

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