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  • CHARACTER SUMMARY: SHE-HULK (Jennifer Walters)

    15th May 2021 by

    What a mini! And what escalation – we started with a steel beam and moved up through dumpsters to cars and bigger terrain – the modding was real! But is She-Hulk’s rules text as good as the mini itself, or do her abilities fall flat? Let’s see! STAMINA – As one would expect from a… Read more

  • CHARACTER SUMMARY: ANGELA (Aldrif Odinsdottir)

    12th May 2021 by

    You have no idea how long it took me to track down a reasonably priced copy of Original Sin: Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm, wherein we learn much about Angela’s origin and get to see some great Asgardian battles. Angela’s introduction into the Marvel universe is an interesting story indeed, but not as interesting… Read more

  • CHARACTER SUMMARY: TOAD (Mortimer Toynbee)

    10th Apr 2021 by

    At long last we come inexorably to the last of the 2020 Brotherhood releases, Toad. How to translate Magneto’s loyal lackey into the game? How to make someone dressed like a medieval court jester a desirable model to reach for? Let’s see. STAMINA – 5, decent enough. MOVEMENT – Medium, surprising given that he is… Read more


    6th Apr 2021 by

    It’s time to move onto the penultimate Brotherhood of Mutants character now, namely Sabretooth. Some people call him crap-Wolverine, but is that true? And how have AMG translated him into the game? Let’s see. STAMINA – 6, nice and chunky. MOVEMENT – Sweet, nourishing, wondrous long. SIZE – 3, which surprised me a little. But… Read more


    24th Mar 2021 by

    Mystique has the potential to be a tricky one design-wise. After all, how on earth do you design a character who can be anyone? Let’s see if AMG managed it… STAMINA – Mystique has a respectable 5 stamina. MOVEMENT – Long, woohoo! SIZE – 2, as expected. THREAT – 3. DEFENCES – A classic 3-threat… Read more

  • THEME TEAM: Mystical Machine Gun

    7th Mar 2021 by

    As regular readers of this blog (I know you’re out there – thanks for your support) may have noticed, my output has dropped off a lot over the past few months (life reasons, let’s not get into it here), and I may be ever so slightly, the teeniest smidge behind on character summary articles. To… Read more

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