RULES TALK – Strike Sums: A Breakdown of Attack Types

I feel sick. I have debased myself and done the unthinkable. I have… *gulp*… done some maths…

Whilst out at work last week I found myself pondering attack types. Namely such questions as what is the most/least prevalent attack type in the game, and how are the three attack types spread out across the many affiliations now in the game?

Well, I spent a bit of time and went through all of the character cards (up to the recent Heimdall/Skurge release) and tallied up all of the attack types, then broke that down into affiliations.

First, let’s take a look at the spread of the different attack types through the game. The following table totals the number of attacks in each affiliation as calculated from character cards only:

Somewhat unsurprisingly physical attacks are the most frequent across the affiliations, but I was quite surprised to see that whilst mystic attacks are indeed the least common in the game, they’re not really that far behind the second most common energy attack. Comparing quantities isn’t really fair given the size of affiliations such as Avengers compared to, say, Black Order, so let’s break this down into percentages per attack type per affiliation.

As you can see, Convocation is miles ahead of any other affiliation in terms of percentage of mystic attacks at just under 79% – not really a surprise. I think i’ll disregard Dark Dimension for now as it comprises just Dormammu with his 1 energy and 1 mystic attack and so skews the results a bit; so the next affiliation with the highest percentage of mystic attacks is Midnight Sons, who just win out over Defenders who sit at just under 35%. From there it’s really rather a steep drop down to the next affiliation – Cabal at just under 27%!

Let’s take a look at energy attacks now. Surprisingly Wakanda are leading the way on this front, followed closely by Guardians of the Galaxy, A Force and Black Order. Right at the bottom are Criminal Syndicate, Brotherhood of Mutants and Web Warriors.

Physical, being the most abundant attack type in the game, means that there is a lot of clamouring for the top spot. Coming out top of the pile is S.H.I.E.L.D, followed by Web Warriors and Brotherhood of Mutants, then Criminal Syndicate.

What does all of this mean? Pffft, who knows – I was just curious and thought I would share my findings.

Before I sign off let me make mention of Blackgate Games in the UK. Malekith is available on preorder now – you know you want him. Your heart calls out across the cosmos drawing him slowly but inexorably to you. Give in to the “add to basket” button and let waves of euphoria bring you home…

Until next time!

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