Atomic Mass Games – The official website of the developers of the game. Includes 360 degree views of each character model.

MCP Database – A fan-made database containing all the character, team tactics cards and deployment cards etc.

Northern Realms Gaming MCP Team Builder – A fan-made database containing all the character and team tactics cards etc, as well as a roster builder. Also includes a list of strengths and weaknesses for each character to aid in team building.


Across the Bifrost – Deep dives into characters and tactics for improving your game skills. Particularly focused on strategy and improving skills in competitive play. One of the hosts (Pat) recently won the worldwide Tabletop Simulator League, so they know what they are talking about!

Beer Protocol – A laid back conversation about various aspects of the game and its characters from experienced miniature gamers.

Capital Crisis – A newer podcast covering a variety of game topics aimed at a more general audience.

Fury’s Finest – Covering news and announcements about the game and focusing on character discussions. Includes character comic history for each character episode.

House Party Protocol – Numerous guest hosts join Will in a humour-fuelled discussion about many aspects of the game including strategy, character discussions, news/announcements and game mechanics. Includes regular giveaways of character packs.

Omnus Protocol – Omnus does deep dives on various aspects of the game with his guest hosts. Focused primarily on competitive play, strategy and improving your game skills, and the persistent wearing of hats.

Recalibration Matrix – News and announcements, character discussions, and recommended comic reading for each character discussed.

Roster Doctor – A newer podcast focused on strategy and roster tweaking and improvement.

Strike Better – A newer podcast focused on competition strategies, roster construction, and in depth discussion of how to improve your skills at the game.

The Danger Room – A newer podcast hosted by competitive players and Jacob of the Xavier Protocols blog (see below). Covering deep dives on all aspects of the game with a focus on strategy and improving skills at competitive play.

Turn Zero Gaming – In depth discussions of all aspects of the game with a focus on strategy and competitive play.


Crisis Talks – A newer blog covering various aspects of the game.

Gamers Web UK – News and announcements and character discussions.

Turn Zero Gaming – The blog of the Turn Zero Gaming podcast which has some in depth looks at team tactics cards, roster building and game mechanics.

Xavier Protocols – The home of the JARVIS dice calculator and numerous articles on strategy, roster building, team tactics cards, characters, superpowers and rules/mechanics.


Blackfyre Productions – Weekly battle reports wherein you get to see Adam suffer from persistent dice rolls. Turns are played out in the video for you to see.

Crisis Talks – A newer channel with Tabletop Simulator battle reports.

Flik’s Tabletop Gaming – Regular battle reports where each activation is described over the video.

The Gamers Guild – Nate creates weekly videos covering all aspects of the game including character reviews, closer looks at game mechanics, the MCP community and battle reports.

Guerilla Miniature Games – Battle reports from players who play a wide variety of miniature games. Each activation is played out for you to see.

Mini Fights! – Battle reports and painting videos. In the battle reports each turned is played out rather than described.

Omnus Protocol – The channel of Omnus from the Omnus Protocol Podcast. Battle reports which are narrated and videos covering various aspects of the game.

Puny God Gaming – A newer channel with battle reports from Tabletop Simulator.

Skirmish Miniature Gaming – A newer channel with battle reports with turns which are played out rather than narrated.